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BECBC Global Reach 2019

Presentations from this event are now available online


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• BECBC Member £225
• Non-member £275

Promoting a clean-energy future through international collaboration
We want a low-carbon future: a future where the greatest minds in industry come together to share their expertise and create an innovative and sustainable energy sector.

Hosted by Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster (BECBC) and run by its recently appointed Shadow Board, Global Reach 2019 will bring together major international players and supply chain representatives from the energy sector around the globe, in a forum designed to share knowledge, best practice and develop business.

The conference will act as a platform for exploring mutually beneficial business opportunities, the role of collaboration in delivering the innovative solutions needed by some of the sector’s most complex technical challenges, and how businesses around the world engage with communities to create a sustainable foundation for the future.

Conference presentations and panel discussions will be accompanied by a small supplier exhibition, and 1:1 business meetings throughout the day.

What is our message?
The UK energy sector finds itself in a period of transition. The transformational targets laid out in the Nuclear Sector Deal and UK Industrial Strategy challenge the way we do business and push us to reap the benefit of the greatest people, places and ideas to create a safer, cleaner and more efficient energy future. We are seeking out innovation and laying the foundation for a sustainable and successful energy sector.

Global Reach 2019 is about looking outwards: using collaboration to enhance our capabilities, embracing new ideas that could open the door to innovation, and learning from other major nuclear regions and projects around the world to create an international clean-energy community.

As the host of the event, BECBC represents the most mature UK business cluster within the energy sector, with over 300 member companies from the Cumbrian, national and international supply chain. Having promoted collaboration with global reach for 15 years within industry, BECBC represents the voice of the supply chain within one of the UK’s most important nuclear regions surrounding the Sellafield site.

Who is our target audience?
Global Reach 2019 will bring together senior representatives from business clusters and major international organisations from across the world, making particular use of the links forged by BECBC with business communities in France, Spain, Korea and Japan.

The event target representatives from major nuclear employers, government and innovation bodies to contribute its agenda and panel discussions, and an informal exhibition space will provide a platform for the supply chains represented at the event to showcase their expertise in an international context.

With three main strands to the conference (developing mutually beneficial business, international collaboration within innovation, and creating sustainable business communities), the event will cater to a wide range of delegates working within industrial strategy, Research & Development, business, and the socio-economic sector.

Practical considerations
Global Reach 2019 is seeking sponsors and partners looking to support the next generation of the energy sector, and promote the importance of international collaboration for developing safe, innovative and effective solutions to complex technical challenges while also supporting the sustainable growth of the business communities in which they operate.

Speakers include:

  • Keynote: Bret Kugelmass, Harvard Energy Impact Centre/Titans of Nuclear
    Talk title: True Reversal of Climate Change Requires Nuclear Energy
  • Ivan Baldwin, BECBC
  • Ludivine Bigot, Nucleopolis
  • Maria Vega, CINC
  • Ruth Sellick, Orano (Business Environment Session Chair)
  • Robert Davies, China General Nuclear
  • Kazuhito Takeda, TEPCO
  • Tom Samson, Guardian Power
  • John Idris jones, Wales Nuclear Forum
  • Richard Deakin, BEIS (Business Cluster Panel Discussion Chair)
  • Charlotte Kelly, Morgan Sindall (Sustainability Session Chair)
  • Jamie Reed, Sellafield Ltd
  • Pat Graham, Copeland Council
  • Kirsty Hewitson, NNL (Innovation Session Chair)
  • Alan Woods, Strategy Director (Rolls Royce) for UK SMR
  • Rob Buckingham, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy/RACE
  • Clusters represented from: Cumbria, Wales, South West England, Northern and Southern France, Northern Spain

Click here to download latest event agenda

BECBC, Wales Nuclear Forum, Nuclear South West, Nucleopolis (France), CINC (Spain)
In a first-of-a-kind collaboration, Global Reach 2019 brings together 5 major energy business clusters to open the door to tangible opportunities for collaboration between their membership.
The business meeting programme will be facilitated by BECBC through a pre-matching exercise, where all registering companies will receive a suggested programme of meetings based on complementary capabilities of other businesses taking part. It is also possible to request specific meetings as part of the programme, and accept or decline these suggestions as appropriate.
Registration for members is free on purchase of a delegate ticket to the event. Find out more here
1:1 booking deadline extended to 23 October 2019.

Sponsors include:

  • Platinum sponsor – Orano
  • Innovation session host and lanyard sponsor – NNL
  • Sustainability session sponsor – Morgan Sindall
  • Member Sponsor – Kinetic Energy

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Full agenda for Global Reach 2019
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Global Reach Business Meetings Graphic
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Global Reach Business Meetings 230819
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Event Details

  • Date & Time: 6 November 2019 from 0:00 - 23:59
  • Venue: Radisson Blu Hotel, Manchester Airport