BECBC e-Workshop: Being prepared for the New Normal by mitigating risk to your business (5 Jun 2020)

5th June 2020 from 14:00 - 15:00   Download to calendar


A BECBC member e-Event.

Thanks to Peter Fleming of Peter Fleming Business Consultancy for offering this workshop to BECBC members.​

This e-Workshop will explore the 5 key characteristics of being a more Agile Business and the benefits of addressing these. 
This session will be a thought provoking reflection, which will hopefully inspire you to look at, and do, things differently.


This will be an open discussion, with the added insight to what Responsive Ltd have done!
Note: Responsive Ltd a BECBC member, won Best Professional Service Company, In-Cumbria Awards 2019!
Lee will share and give an insight to what they have done at Responsive Ltd to adapt their business to become more agile and flexible as an organisation.

The e-Workshop will be an hour long, but can be extended for an extra 15 mins of Q&A if required, as there is a lot to cover.​

5 key themes:

  • Strategy – are current pre-COVID-19 visions and plans relevant for what will be the “new normal” future?
    - How have you changed your plans?
    - What research have you done?
    - What are the perceived risks and opportunities?
  • Structure – step back to review business hierarchy, infrastructure, office, and workshop work flows, warehouse layout and even location site.
    - Are you located where your customers are?
    - Securing finance structure, working capital and investment would also be part of this process.
      Have you determined what working capital requirements you require for future plans?
    - So what have been your key considerations and learnings?
    - What have you been able to influence positively?
    - What’s been the biggest challenge?
  • Process – what have we learnt that can be improved and embedded to become more efficient and consistent going forward? (Ideally, resulting in cutting out waste and improving customer service levels.)
    - How have you and the team adapted?
    - What you will now embed going forward?
    - Any further considerations, ideas for improving processes and reducing waste (money, time, etc)?
  • People – Not just reviewing roles and responsibilities, but skills, knowledge, flexible working hours and locations of staff along with considering utilising freelancers and specialist support when required.
    - How have your team used the time to upskill, re-train, keep up with CPD?
    - How will that improve business capabilities in the future?
    - Will this make your business more efficient? If so, how?
    - What are the clear gaps and how will you fill these?
  • Technology – how we all embrace technology to maximise working efficiency, engagement with our employees, customers and suppliers and also developing new sales channels and building the brand?
    - What have you invested in or just utilised better to improve communications internally and externally?
    - What’s been he impact with staff engagement and customer satisfaction?
    - Have these systems helped, improved the business or been a real challenge?


(NB: There may be a slight delay before you receive a confirmation email which includes your individual meeting JOIN link – registrations are manually approved.)


The workshop will be a safe place to share personal experiences (Chatham House rules).

We ask all particpants to keep discussions confidential and treat anything discussed with sensitivity.

The workshop will NOT be recorded, so that people can share personal issues and experiences in a safe place. 

Any queries? Contact Hazel Duhy, BECBC Admin Manager