BECBC e-Workshop: Learning as Leaders with Centre for Leadership Performance (8 Jul 2020)

8th July 2020 from 10:30 - 11:30   Download to calendar


A BECBC member e-Event.

What have you learned about yourself as a leader over the last few months? Periods of intense change are rich with opportunities to learn... especially if we can recognise and embrace the opportunities as they arise. 

Catherine Eve, Executive Director for the Centre for Leadership Performance team, will share some of the findings from the CEO Leadership Survey 2020, published by Impact International in May, featuring feedback from 100 business leaders on the impact of coronavirus and lockdown on their organisations and their leadership priorities.

Despite the range of organisations participating (in terms of their business sector, size and location) the themes emerging were very similar. Talking to Cumbrian business leaders over the last few months (from established multinationals to emerging micro businesses) their challenges distill down to the same key themes identified by Impact; change, relationships, communication and leadership style.

The workshop will discuss each of the themes in the context of Cumbrian businesses, sharing some of the learning and inviting participants to share their learning with one another.

The workshop will be a safe place to share personal experiences (Chatham House rules).

We ask all particpants to keep discussions confidential and treat anything discussed with sensitivity.

The workshop will NOT be recorded, so that people can share personal issues and experiences in a safe place. 


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