BECBC e-Workshop: Improve the effectiveness of your meetings with PDCA Consulting Ltd

13th May 2020 from 10:30 - 11:30   Download to calendar

A BECBC online training event 

Thanks to Chris Ward of PDCA Consulting for offering this workshop for BECBC membrs.

Would you like your online meetings to be more productive and more effective? Come to think of it, wouldn’t you like the same even for your face-to-face meetings?

Zoom, Teams, GoMeeting, Skype, and FaceTime don’t make your meeting outcomes any better or worse than real, physical encounters. That’s down to you and the other meeting participants.

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Book onto the free meetings webinar to find out how to better structure and run your meetings to achieve TWICE as much in HALF the time. No matter what your position in the organisation, you’ll get great value from this small investment in time and effort.


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You MUST register for this event BEFORE 9.30am on Wed 13 May 2020.

(NB: There may be a slight delay before you receive a confirmation email which includes your individual meeting JOIN link – registrations are manually approved.)


Agenda – Get TWICE as much done in HALF the time!

  • BECBC Housekeeping
  • Top 3 frustrations with meetings.
  • Video – explain why these frustrations surface
  • Summary of key points
  • Discussion, questions, and comments
  • Wrap-up


The workshop will be a safe place to share personal experiences –  no confidential info will be shared outside the discussion.

We ask all particpants to keep discussions confidential and treat anything discussed with sensitivity.

The workshop will NOT be recorded, so that people can share personal issues and experiences in a safe place. 

Any queries? Contact Hazel Duhy, BECBC Admin Manager