5th November 2018 - 6th November 2018   Download to calendar

Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), Coventry CV7 9RD

BEIS is holding its first ever national conference dedicated to bringing together key voices from across sectors to explore the commercialisation potential of small nuclear in the UK.

The Nuclear Sector Deal announced in the summer signalled a key moment for Government and industry in showing shared commitment to the nuclear sector and set out a new high level framework to support the development and deployment of small reactors in the UK. The independent Expert Finance Working Group also published its report soon after.

In the Nuclear Sector Deal, BEIS committed to facilitating an event aimed at bringing together nuclear and non-nuclear industry stakeholders, interested regional stakeholders, vendors, utilities, energy intensive users and the finance sector to promote further dialogue and collaboration, not just in the nuclear sector but in other sectors as well.

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