FabPro Company Branding Workshop

11th February 2016 (all day)   Download to calendar

9.30am - 4.30pm at the Fab Lab, Cockmerouth

Course cost: £70 including materials and a delicious lunch at Wild Zucchinis (extra material costs will be charged if making something large).

The Fab Lab has a range of machinery chosen to utilise digital design to enable low-cost manufacturing and prototyping. Our machinery embraces 
CNC routing, laser cutting, 3D printing and vinyl cutting.  Businesses, producers and makers will be gaining an insight into how the machinery 
and technology works, and how it will be best suited to your businesses needs.

Tutor: Hannah Reid will provide a practical hands on workshop, along side the Fab Lab team.

Course Description
This workshop offers an introduction to all the machinery at Fab Lab Cockermouth. You will be able to design or personalise promotional 
materials and objects.  By having a range of fabrication machinery it means that you will be able to create anything from, original business 
cards to a point of display stand.

By undertaking in the design process you will be able to experiment with different materials, different types of products in different sizes, so 
that you are able to produce promotional materials which are suited to your businesses.

Topics that will be covered:

  • Introduction to how a  laser cutter, ‘CNC Shopbot’ Router, 3D Printer and Vinyl Cutter works,
  • How to customise and create your own products to a high standard,
  • How to use CAD within your design work.

This course is for you if:

  • You are a designer looking at branching out into digital fabrication
  • You are from a business wanting to make their own promotional products
  • You have an idea for a small manufacturing business (or want to shake up one you already run)
  • You work in an industry which requires rapid prototyping for making

Tutor Profile
Hannah Reid has just graduated from University where she was studying Contemporary Textile Practices, and is currently in the process of 
setting up her own design business.  She is also the ‘Artist in Residence’ at Fab Lab Cockermouth.

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