Infrastructure new build in the UK

at The Waldorf Hilton, London

The UK is entering an era of sustained and large-scale investment in new and improved infrastructure. Ongoing spending by both the private and public sectors is creating substantial opportunities across construction and the wider supply chain, but is also highlighting significant challenges that need addressing in a constructive fashion. The recent establishment of the independent National Infrastructure Commission clearly demonstrates the government’s commitment to driving progress forward, but it is also crucial that industry takes the initiative and fosters better internal communication channels. Marketforce’s new conference will assist with this by encouraging knowledge sharing and learning across construction and beyond. By highlighting projects of the greatest scale and significance, and by encouraging cross-sector, focused learning on strategic themes, the forum promises to deliver an experience that is beneficial to all-involved.

Sectors to be covered:  Rail, roads, ports, airports, renewables, oil & gas, nuclear, water, wastewater, etc.

2016 Speakers Include:

  • Michèle Dix, Managing Director, Crossrail 2
  • Mark Corben, Chief Financial Officer, Tideway
  • Keith Budinger, Chief Executive Officer, Halite Energy Group
  • Phil Wilbraham, Development Director, Heathrow Airport
  • Graeme Thompson, Chief Financial Officer, HS1
  • •im Cornelius, Chief Executive Officer, Atlantis Resources

Target audience includes: project developers (transport, energy generation, utilities, telecoms, etc.), government (local and central), regulators, engineers, consultants, accountants, solutions providers, technology providers, legal services, and more.

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