LLWR: Business Services Marketplace Supplier Engagement Session

3rd February 2016 (all day)   Download to calendar

at Energus (following BECBC Member Meeting)

1.00pm Networking Lunch 
NB: This is a lunch for those registered for the LLWR afternoon event - it is NOT for all those leaving the BECBC Member Meeting that morning!

2.00pm LLWR Session

This session will update you on LLWR's need to access to a wide range of professional services to support the business:

  • Portfolio, Programme and Project Management
  • Programme Controls (Planning / Estimating / Cost / Risk Management)
  • Finance (Advice / Taxation / Auditing)
  • Environment (Advice / Consultancy / Ecology)
  • Health and Safety (Advice / Consultancy / Specialists)
  • Security (Advice / Consultancy / Specialists)
  • Quality (Assurance / Process Improvements / Management System)
  • Engineering (Advice / Asset Management / Maintenance / CDM)
  • HR (Recruitment / Training / Facilitation)
  • Public Affairs (Photography / Reprographics / Marketing / Comms)
  • Business (Change Management / Business Cases / Technical Authors )
  • Commercial (Sourcing / Claims / Quantity Surveying)
  • Legal (Advice / Corporate / Contract / Employment / Planning)

 It is believed that the best way to provide this type of support is through the use of a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).

A DPS is an electronic system allowing public purchasers to consult a large number of potential suppliers of standardised works, supplies or services, whose capabilities have already been verified. As a procurement tool, it has some aspects that are similar to a framework agreement, but where new suppliers can join at any time. It has to be run as a completely electronic process using the restricted procedure.

The DPS is a two-stage process- an initial set-up stage where suppliers who meet the selection criteria and are not excluded must be admitted to the DPS and a second stage where individual contracts are awarded. A DPS is flexible and new suppliers can apply to join it at any time during its period of validity. In addition, suppliers who originally fail to be admitted on to the DPS are able to re-apply at a subsequent time if their circumstances change.

It is intended to commence this service with effect from 1 April 2016.

To register for this event contact: procurement@llwrsite.com – Elaine Kirkwood, Senior Procurement Officer, Tel: 01946 770207

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