Nuvia Tech Expo 2019

12th March 2019 - 13th March 2019

Energus, Lillyhall, Cumbria

Technology - Innovation - Products

Nuvia Tech Expo will showcase Nuvia’s role in the future of Nuclear Technology with live demonstrations of the latest state-of-the-art nuclear measurement and monitoring systems, environmental monitoring, RD&I projects, virtual reality systems and laser scanning software, plus many others.

Event Timetable
07:30 – Nuvia Tech Expo opens
08:00 – Breakfast available 
12:00 – Lunch available
16:30 – Nuvia Tech Expo closes

Showcase Presentations
The following presentations will cover the full range of capabilities and examples of use for the products and systems.
Each presentation will be about 20 mins, with time for questions.

Morning Presentations  
08:45 - CoMo
09:15 - WIMP
09:45 - NuVISION
10:15 - Drones-G 
10:45 - RADSight
11:15 - HFC
11:45 - HiRAM 

Afternoon Presentations    
13:00 - GEM
13:30 - ALMO
14:00 - Groundhog™
14:30 - GBall
15:00 - Scaffold Monitoring
15:30 - IMS
16:00 - Portal D 

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