Rail Safety and Standards Board Supplier Day

9th November 2016 (all day)   Download to calendar

10.00am to 11.30am at RSSB Offices, London

If your organisation is interested in attending please email with the name of your organisation and list of attendees.

"In the last 10 years there have been 17 GB mainline derailments due to combinations of track geometry faults with offset (uneven) loads and/ or wagon sensitivity to derailment. 7 of these derailments of container wagons have occurred on twisted track where offset loading of containers has been identified by the Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) as a significant contributory factor. For example, it is this interaction of twisted track and offset loading which played the major role in the derailments at Reading West Junction in 2012 and Camden Road West Junction in 2013. Whilst no fatalities occurred in these incidents, both caused containers to be ejected onto adjoining track, and therefore had the potential for a collision with a passenger train, with far more serious consequences. Following these (and other) events, the ORRs Chief Inspector sent a letter to several companies in the rail industry requesting they work collectively to address concerns about freight train derailment relating to the combinational effects of track condition, vehicle sensitivity to track geometry and asymmetric loading of containers. In response to this request the Cross Industry Freight Derailment Working Group (XIFDWG) was established, and includes representation from Network Rail, FOCs, RSSB and the ORR. The XIFDWG have since carried out detailed analysis to identify priority areas for research and has directly led to the specification of this, and other projects. This project intends to further our understanding on risk of derailment of unevenly loaded containers on twisted track and assist in addressing RAIB’s recommendations following the investigation of the Camden Road derailment in 20131, specifically: “RAIB 21/2014 Recommendation 2 Freightliner and Network Rail should jointly request that RSSB: a. Researches the factors that may increase the probability of derailment when container wagons are asymmetrically loaded, and in particular: I. sensitivity to combinations of longitudinal and lateral offsets in loads that can reasonably be encountered in service; II. the predicted performance of wagons with high torsional stiffness along their length (using the FEA type as an example); and III. the effect of multiple twist faults, track twist over distances other than 3 metres (as commonly specified and measured by Network Rail) and lateral track irregularities.”

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