STEM Activity Day “The Generation Challenge”

18th November 2015 (all day)   Download to calendar

9.30am to 3.30pm at Energy Coast UTC

The event is a partnership between JFN, the Energy Coast UTC and STEM Cumbria. It is set for the 18th November 2015.

The theme for the event is “The Generation Challenge” focusing on the Generation Gap in skills and also the issue the UK faces on power generation and the subsequent decommissioning that will be required.


Ian Henderson of JFNL is looking for BECBC member support and writes:

Event Overview & PR Statement:

With the current UK and Worldwide demand for more clean energy and a knowledgeable aging workforce nearing retirement age, Cumbria and indeed the UK is facing one of its greatest challenges. “The Generation Challenge” – Both in Energy Generation for a growing population and in a Generation of lost skills.

JFN along with the Energy Coast UTC have joined forces to do what we can and encourage our younger generation to take a closer look at Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) disciplines. Our key objective is to inspire young people to get involved, have fun and help bridge the gap. Collaborating together, the challenge will be easier to deal with.

Since new generating facilities need to be built and old ones decommissioned the wealth of opportunities has never been greater, so the event will be focussed on hand on activities that reflect real world needs. Supported by major businesses and academic institutions that operate in a number of energy sectors, we see this a perfect opportunity for all involved to understand the challenges, come up with solutions and mix with those who can turn ideas into realities. Thus forging new careers paths, nurturing innovation & encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit.


Start Finish Time will be 09:30 to 15:30 with a set up time from 08:00 on the day.


These will be provided during the day and Lunch will be at the Energus Facility for the supporting companies

Supporting Companies

We anticipate between around 12 supporting companies and to date we have commitments from:

Women in Nuclear
Lancaster University
Doosan Babcock
STEM Cumbria

Guest Numbers

Over and above the 24 individuals from the supporting companies, to date I have no fixed numbers of guests but speaking with the UTC, the more the merrier.

As regards the UTC students we did discuss releasing all the 319 students  to come at delayed intervals during the day. Each exhibitor will have a challenge that the students could get involved with, that can be accomplished during the programme time scales.

The main team will be around 40 split into 10 teams of 4 and these will be the ones doing the main challenge (Building the kits).

These will be assessed using the CREST award criteria as well as some of our own requirements.

Olivia Groggins who works for us has created an example document pack that the student can use when creating their own document pack for the build programme. They will be judged on the following areas:

Team Work
Build Quality
Quickest time their vehicle goes between point A and point B while keeping within the track limits

We still have to select the judging committee, but I see it being made up of apprentices and professionals.

Do you feel that this is something that you could support us with?

The key to the event is that it has to be interactive.

For more information contact

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