Events: Wednesday 16th November 2016

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Offshore Decommissioning Conference 2016

at the Fairmont Hotel, St Andrews, Scotland

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“Regulations: Friend or Foe?”

This presentation based on work commissioned by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (UK Government) examines the extent to which the UK growth-oriented small and micro-businesses (SMBs) are impacted by regulations.  The seminar explores the dynamic relationship between regulatory environment and strategies for small business growth. Attention focuses on how such businesses find out about regulatory requirements and the extent to which SMBs might adjust plans to address regulatory concerns.

The results of the work suggests that there is a cost impact of regulations on these firms inherent in growth plans.  However, product-innovators in particular recognise the benefit of effective engagement with regulatory frameworks as a significant element of competitive advantage.  In several cases, regulation appears to have been a support for, or event the basis of, growth for some firms.  Not only does good regulations appear to facilitate growth but also the experience of growth alters attitudes to regulation.

The implicatoin is that for growth-orientated SMBs, not all regulatory changes are viewed negatively and that in some cases, the removal of regulatory barriers could endanger their competitive advantage.  Growth firms appear more concerned with inconsistent enforcement of rules rather than with the overall level of regulation.

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