Events: Thursday 30th November 2017

Events with blue dates are BECBC events, dark grey member events.

The Global Gas Forum 2017

The forum seeks to address a number of issues that form a vital response to the shifting industry environment such as regulation, commercial agreements, infrastructure investment, and perhaps most critically, new areas of demand that will help secure Europe’s gas market in upcoming years. The forum aims to tackle the most important issues impacting today’s commercial gas executives, facilitate controversial discussion, and provide thought-provoking ideas and interactive sessions

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An HKA Construction Contracts Masterclass - London

A one-day forum on the risks and challenges faced by construction industry stakeholders.

Demand for new infrastructure translates into unprecedented growth in the construction industry. Combined with globalisation and increasing project complexity, today’s climate presents an exciting but unnerving combination of unparalleled opportunities and greater potential for risk. It is increasingly important to keep up-to-date with current techniques and case law. One thing is certain: the risks of time and cost overrun and technical challenges leading to disputes on projects are ever present.

Why Attend?

HKA brings together the very best international construction and legal experts to share their knowledge and experience. Take advantage of this wealth of outstanding expertise and learn how to minimise risks and avoid legal challenges.

What's Covered?

What makes a project successful?

How can you ensure you are prepared for a dispute before it arises?

What legal and contractual risks can be avoided?

What lessons can we learn from recent judgements?

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