Events: Thursday 25th January 2018

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Let’s talk about the difficult stuff…

…Ageing Workforce
…Mental Health
…Reasonable Adjustments

Join Baines Wilson, Organisational Healthcare and special guests at their latest seminars.

Issues around mental and physical health are some of the hardest conversations to have with employees but we need to start talking about them. As an employer you have to ask whether your business is capable of identifying when employees are struggling and how your organisation responds to the issues raised.

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​AMRC Event: Starting your AR, MR or VR journey

You've probably heard of Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality, and seen the many low cost devices already available on the market. But do you know how you can integrate these technologies into your Engineering and Manufacturing workflows, saving your organisation time and money? Which device or technology is right for you?

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Lecture - IMechE West Cumbria Area - How to do you maintain an iconic heritage Cathedral Pipe Organ?

Institution of Mechanical Engineers - Technical lecture 
25 January 2018 19:00 - 21:00 
Status: Limited Spaces

Free to attend


In the 21st Century a major part of our musical heritage from the grand organ builders of the past lies in our Cathedrals, Parish Churches and Town Halls. To ensure this heritage remains viable and fit for purpose requires an array of engineering skills and disciplines to match other major engineering projects in the UK. This lecture gives a unique insight into the world of engineering for a Cathedral Organ - something we take for granted each year as, for example, we listen to Carols from Kings College Cambridge. If it were not for the integration of all the engineering disciplines, training the next generation in specialist engineering systems and solid project management it is a sound that would most likely be lost forever.

Light refreshments (tea/coffee/biscuits) will be available from start of registration at 18:45hrs.


Harrison and Harrison, founded in 1861 and is based in Durham, are makers and restorers of pipe organs including the organ’s in King’s College Cambridge, Westminster Abbey, and St Mary Redcliffe. They also build smaller organs for churches, halls and private houses throughout Britain and abroad.

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