Events: Thursday 2nd May 2019

Events with blue dates are BECBC events, dark grey member events.

Science, Engineering, Technology and Innovation Exhibition

Aimed at enabling companies to demonstrate their latest high-tech developments - whether they are innovative ideas or clever technology that has the capacity to be transferred from other similar sites or industry sectors - to various scientists, technologists, designers, engineers, buyers and other key personnel.

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UK Chemical Industries Supply Chain Expo and Open Conference

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Coaching for Innovation - Are you looking to drive innovation in your organisation

This workshop, developed by Cumbira Innovations Platform in partnership with the Harrison Network, is designed to create the space in which innovative thinking happens, using a number of different tools that you can test out and take away to use in your own organisation.

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The Science & Technology Solutions Exhibition will give both current and potentially new suppliers an opportunity to meet with National Physical Laboratory (NPL) ‘end-users’ in their place of work.

It will enable companies wishing to demonstrate their products, services and capabilities to an audience actively seeking solutions to their ongoing and future needs; and will achieve this in an environment which is not normally possible any other way.

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