Events: Tuesday 2nd July 2019

Events with blue dates are BECBC events, dark grey member events.

Nuclear Innovation UK conference

The conference showcases the research completed in the first phase of the industry-led, government-backed Nuclear Innovation Programme. If you’re interested in learning about the very latest technical developments for the most demanding applications, and understanding the innovation challenges facing the nuclear sector and others, this is a vital event.

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Funding Accelerator Event: How academics and third sector organisations can work together

Funding Accelerator Event run by ImaginationLancaster @ Lancaster University

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SL Site Futures Workshop (Ecology and Landscape) with University of Manchester

University of Manchester invite you to a series of workshops, which are part of a research project meant to generate debate on potential ‘end states’, or ‘site futures’, for the Sellafield site: what might Sellafield look like in 2140?

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