Events: Thursday 30th January 2020

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BEIS Nuclear Innovation Programme - Suppliers Day

The event aims to disseminate information on progress from initial phases of parts of the wider £180 million BEIS investment through the NIP and promote opportunities for the next phase of the Advanced Manufacturing and Materials (AMM) Programme.

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TALK: Development and provocations in Tidal Energy

Technical Lecture for the Institution of Mechanical Engineers - Wes Cumbria Area 

All our Visits and Lectures Qualify for Continued Professional Developement Points 

Tidal energy is a predictable, mature technology with the potential to produce 10% of the UK’s electricity power supply. High level calculations based on average tidal ranges deduced that Admiralty Chart tide levels tend to underestimate energy potential and the number of turbines required to move a volume of water.

Tidal energy presents an opportunity for large scale harvesting of one of the UK’s largest sources of renewable energy and is likely to be seen as one of the cheapest forms of energy in the future. This research has demonstrated that considerable cost savings can be made in building a lagoon bund that is designed to overtop at higher tides. Further savings can be made by optimising the number of turbines for the lagoon size. Two main live range schemes in the UK, Swansea Bay and Solway offshore tidal lagoons were used for this study. An energy generation model was developed based on the Solway project and benchmarked against the Andritz optimization model. A bund costing model was produced which uses maritime rates and GIS or energy model inputs to produce costs.

Mike Osborne leads the Arup team in Cumbria, part of this role is to lead business development for Arup across Cumbria with Local Authority and private sector clients on economic regeneration, energy and infrastructure projects.  He is responsible for co-ordinating the energy business across Northwest and Yorkshire for Arup.  This involves connecting and integrating the energy business offer across consulting, buildings and infrastructure.  As an engineering geologist Mike remains connected to the geotechnics business undertaking Project Director and Expert Witness roles.

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