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NEPIC Employers’ Conference – The Future of Work

Coronavirus has changed the way we work, perhaps forever. So, what are the implications of mass remote working along with new legislation, the UK’s exit from the EU and advancements in technology and how can businesses respond and develop workforce strategies for post COVID-19 recovery?

2020 rocked many organisations and business models, overturning priorities and plans as business leaders rushed to navigate a rapidly changing environment. 2021 is likely to be another year full of major transitions. While there has been a lot of focus on the increase in the number of employees working remotely, there are numerous additional forces that will shape business in 2021.

Join NEPIC live and online on Thursday 24 June when we will come together to explore the forces shaping the future of work and what this means to employers and your workforce and discover the answers to your most pressing questions for enhancing your workplace.

Event Themes

Employment Law and People Management
  • Brexit and the impact on employment law
  • Levelling up the UK: the role of state aid
  • Flexible Working – The Law and Employees’ Rights
  • Latest legislation including off payroll working (IR35)
  • Can Covid-19 vaccinations be mandatory?
The Future Workplace
  • Wellbeing and Mental Health in the Workplace
  • A compassionate employer
  • Why the future of work might be hybrid
  • Valuing Employees – Improving equality, diversity, and inclusion in your workplace
  • Remote Security and the Right Technologies
Skills & Apprenticeships
  • The Skills Landscape Explained
  • Apprenticeship: Connecting people with ambition to business with vision
  • Case Study: Apprenticeship and Graduate – Recruitment & Engagement Industry Best Practice
  • Accelerating Employee Education Digitally

Event Details