Nathan Reay – West Cumbrian student seeks engineering apprenticeship or job opportunity

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Nathan Reay

I am a hardworking, self-motivated individual who can be trusted to work unsupervised or as part of a team. Outside of school I enjoy keeping active and play sports as much as I can where I am part of Windscale FC. I like to maintain my fitness and have a fit and healthy lifestyle. I am described as a confident, trustworthy, organised individual. I have good communication and interpersonal skills and I am also able to give advice and support to people that need it.

I am currently studying at West Lakes Academy and will be taking my exams in Summer 2020.

My predicted results are:
• Combined Science - GCSE 5/5
• English Language - GCSE 6
• English Literature - GCSE 6
• BTEC Engineering - Distinction 
• Geography - GCSE 6
• Maths - GCSE 6
• Photography - GCSE 6

Work Experience
J.I.Brough Townhead Farm, Nethertown, Egremont
Responsibilities: - 
• Rounding up and milking the cows twice a day
• Cleaning and sanitising the cow sheds and milking equipment ensuring compliance with Health and Safety legislation
• Assisting with the logistics of transferring the milk to the dairy tanker
• Assisting the farm engineer in conducting planned maintenance
• Assisting the farm engineer in repairing unscheduled breakdowns
• Carry out general routine maintenance to ensure the efficient running of the farm.

Achievements (Inside and out of school)
Out of school I’ve achieved a lot of things such as-
● I have worked on the farm near my house. I really enjoyed working there with my colleagues and the owner.
● I like to play football where I am a member of Windscale FC, I train twice a week and play matches every Saturday which keeps me fit. I enjoy playing as I meet new people in every game and enjoy working together as part of a team. 
● I am always punctual in attending school and have an excellent attendance record, I have a good work ethic and take pride in the work I produce in every subject. 

● I can speak confidently to anyone, in both positive and challenging situations.
● I can be trusted to work independently or with other people as part of a team, I work well in group situations no matter how big or small.
● I take personal pride in any task or job I complete and make sure it is done correctly and to the best of my ability.
● I have good organisational and problem solving skills.
● I pride myself in being able to provide and accept both positive and developmental feedback.

I am a very competitive individual and strive to push myself to the limit of my abilities, my hobbies include playing football and rugby, I like to train 4 times a week and play games every weekends where I enjoy the team ethos. I also enjoy working at the farm as my colleagues are very good people to work with, we all respect each other equally and share the responsibilities between the team.

References – available on request