LINC with Tiers 2s

LINC is a scheme that encourages SMEs at local and national level to collaborate and deliver innovative solutions to the mission of Tier 2 suppliers in the work they deliver to the Sellafield site. 

Work packages that set out some of the challenges will be published on this page.

LINC with Tier 2s has been designed to provide Tier 2 suppliers with direct access to SMEs in addition to supporting Sellafield Ltd’s contribution to the UK SME agenda.

All SMEs must be pre-registered with LINC before submitting a proposal. Details of registered SMEs will be published periodically to support and encourage further collaboration.

Non-SMEs are free to register with LINC but their participation will be limited to a supporting role only.

As part of the registration process, companies/businesses will be categorised into one of the following:

Category 1 - SME

  • those companies that meet the strict EU definition

Category 2 - Supplier

  • those companies that have less than 250 employees and an annual turnover of less than 50 million euros (approximately £45 million) or annual balance sheet not exceeding 43 million euros (approximately £38 million) but who are part of a larger group of companies which collectively exceed those thresholds

Both category 1 and 2, are eligible to participate directly in LINC, however submissions from category 2 will only be considered should an acceptable submission (defined relative to each opportunity) not be received from category 1.

Supporting Companies

  • those companies who do not meet the EU definition of an SME in terms of numbers of employees and turnover or balance sheet thresholds

Supporting companies are not permitted to participate directly, but may participate as part of an SME led proposal.

Registered companies

Companies who are registered for LINC with Tier 2s can be found here (latest Sep 2019)

The list will be updated on a regular basis.

Sellafield Ltd

LINC Overview

Learn more about LINC and the Sellafield Tier 2 Companies in this overview of partners involved.

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