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Ductform HFE

Founded in 1974 Ductform are a customer focused, service driven ducting manufacturers, distributing and installing our ventilation ductwork and associated products throughout the UK.

Ductform HFE

Company Profile

As Scotland’s leading Ducting Manufacturers, we currently operate from a 40,000sq ft. production facility in the heart of Scotland, where we service a wide range of clients stretching the UK wide. Our experience is such that we have provided ventilation solutions for many demanding applications, such as: oil & gas, marine, nuclear, renewables, semi-conductor plants, prisons, airports and major retail and office developments. Our facility and investment in the most up-to-date ducting manufacturing equipment and resource, ensure we can deliver a quality, time driven product and service that will improve your delivery times, reduce your prime cost, and enhance your competitive edge over that of your competition, combining to ensure the successful completion of your project regardless of size, location or specification. Along with a wide range of solutions, we provide our revolutionary patented Tite-Lite Ductwork, which is greener, tighter and lighter. Thanks to this cutting-edge solution, the cost, installation time, leakage and overall carbon footprint of the project are reduced.

Primary Contact

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Elisabetta Paci

Business Development


17 Faraday Road, Southfield Industrial Estate
+44 441592778330