All Together Cumbria
c/o Morgan Sindall Office, Papcastle Depot, Papcastle Road, Cockermouth, Cumbria, CA13 0LD
Telephone: 01946 65818

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All Together Cumbria


All Together Cumbria (ATC) is an innovative recruitment provider and social enterprise supporting businesses in Cumbria to source locally skilled people via our dedicated Recruitment Desk, whilst investing in a sustainable talent pipeline for the future.  

Supported by Industry leaders from Copeland’s Future Opportunities Group (FOG), All Together Cumbria was formed as an innovative solution to help resolve the skills gaps that currently exist within Cumbria today and in the future.

ATC is a Community Interest Company (CIC) & Social Enterprise owned by Morgan Sindall and formed with a Management Committee comprising of Morgan Sindall, Sellafield & NuGen.  


Working in partnership with key recruitment specialists, our consultants have access to extensive candidate databases and talent networks across multiple sectors, enabling them to understand your resourcing needs and challenges, whilst providing you with expert help and support in finding the right person(s) for your organisation. 

In addition to this we will also work with you to identify any industry skills gaps that may affect your organisation either now or in the future and explore opportunities in which we can invest strategically to achieve a local sustainable talent pipeline.  

Profits generated through our work will be re-invested back into Cumbria through collaborative partnership, collective impact consortiums and local organisations to help achieve our mission of ‘developing a sustainable workforce for the future of Cumbria’.

By choosing to work with All Together Cumbria your organisation will have the opportunity to directly influence and contribute to how funds are invested aligned to our mission and areas of focus, giving you the knowledge of knowing that you really are making a difference for the future.

Areas of Focus;

  1. Education and training: Improving quality and alignment in education and training to provide a sustainable workforce of the future in Cumbria.
  2. Social Justice: Providing people in Cumbria where the need is the greatest with opportunity and equity to enable and empower them to gain meaningful employment.

Where to find us

Contact Name: Sarah MacGregor, Manager

Telephone: 01946 65818


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