Costain Group PLC
CO832, Street 64, Sellafield, Seascale, Cumbria, CA20 1PG
Telephone: 019467 29052

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Costain Group PLC


Costain Group is a British construction and civil engineering company headquartered in Maidenhead. It was part of the original Channel Tunnel consortium and is involved in Private Finance Initiative projects.


Choosing Costain

Our Choosing Costain strategy is designed to meet the needs of blue-chip customers. It delivers solutions across infrastructure (highways, rail and airports); environment (water and waste); energy & process (nuclear, power, and hydrocarbons and chemicals). Increasingly we provide consultancy and maintenance as well as construction.

Meeting national needs

These are some of the challenges the UK faces: 300 landfill sites are due to close by 2020 because of environmental regulation; there is a 55 gigawatt energy gap; rail passenger miles and rail freight may double by 2035; vehicle miles travelled have more than doubled in the last 30 years; and water use has increased by almost 50% in the last 25 years.

Costain is working with our customers to help meet these challenges.


Our expert team
We have an expert team lead by David Allvey, Chairman, and Andrew Wyllie, CEO. Our people and supply chain give us the expertise, knowledge and resources our customers need. Costain now has approx 3,000 employees and numerous approved partners.

Costain PLC is listed on the London Stock Exchange, has a head office in Maidenhead and offices across the UK.

Costain won the ‘Contractor of the Decade’ (New Civil Engineer magazine) award in 2010.

Where to find us

Contact Name: tbc

Telephone: 019467 29052


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