Enterprise Environmental Services Limited
25 Cross Lane, Whitehaven, Cumbria , CA28 6TW
Telephone: 01946 592804

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Enterprise Environmental Services Limited


EES was established in 2006 to provide practical solutions and advice to small, medium and large organisations based in Cumbria and NW UK regarding Environmental, Health and Safety requirements. 

The company has since gained expertise in delivering support on Nuclear Safety Cases and Configuration Management. 


Our knowledge and experience has been gleaned from in a wide range of industry.

  • Ship Building
  • Marine Engineering (Sea going operations)
  • Manufacturing (electrical switchgear)
  • Construction (M&E)
  • Facilities Management
  • Nuclear (Reactors & Reprocessing)
  • SHE Consultancy
  • Energy Management (Power generation - Steam & Diesel, Effluent, Refrigeration, Heating & Ventilation plants)

Working with organisations such as:

  • Vickers Shipbuilding (now BAE Systems)
  • P&O and Shell Shipping Companies
  • Electrium (Manufacturing) 
  • ABB  
  • BP Energy
  • Amec-NNC (now Amec Foster Wheeler)
  • Dalkia
  • and Nuclear organisations

This has along with, continued competency building in engineering and SHE management provided the background to the company and the confidence needed to support many different organisations.

EES is associated with several other well established specialist organisations and a member of several institutions and business organisations to deliver expert support, where detailed practical solutions are required outside our normal scope and will work within their guidelines to assure our clients of an ethical approach.

We are understanding and practical in our approach and will where reasonable and practicable, endeavour to provide flexible, efficient and cost effective solutions to your specific requirements.

We are aware of the different problems facing smaller enterprises and we fully recognise that one size does not fit all.

We strive to find the correct solutions for your business and work on your behalf to provide the necessary elements to promote harmony in partnerships with other organisations.


Configuration Management

Produce the Configuration Management Plan

Create/recreate the Configuration Baseline

Design Change Control

Safety Case

Produce Safety Case Documentation

Support to engineering substantiation reviews
[provision of potential solutions for improvements to equipment, operating and operator procedures/instructions including examination, inspection, maintenance and testing (EIM&T)]
Preparation of draft and final documents for submission to the NII and EA (i.e. safety case reports, boundary documents and engineering schedules)

Health & Safety
Procedures & Instructions

Site Competent Person

Contractor Evaluation & Contract Tender Support
Contractor Competency 

Environmental Services
Energy Conservation Schemes
Environmental Audit/Assessment
Waste & Recycle Initiatives

We're here looking for:

Configuration Management, Safety Case, Safety and Environmental Support Opportunities

EES Limited has spent many years providing professional Safety and Environmental support to a diverse range of industry, based on a sound engineering background. We have combined our Engineering, SHE and Safety Case knowledge and over recent years applied it to building our skills in delivering Configuration Management (CM) in high risk industry.

We are now looking for more opportunities to work with forward thinking organisations, by providing guidance and support on the development of CM in addition to our competent SHE support.

We want to work with businesses that offer complementary services to ours and develop successful partnerships that add value to each other’s client base.

Contact Name: George Jackson, Director

Telephone: 01946 592804


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