Groundwater & Geothermal Services Ltd
Low Cross Buildings, 4 Low Cross Street, Brampton, Cumbria, CA8 1NP , UK
Telephone: 01697 270025

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Groundwater & Geothermal Services Ltd


GGS Ltd is a Cumbria-based groundwater engineering consultancy that provides hydrogeological expertise and technical services support for commercial clients wishing to develop their own independent water supplies. In addition the company specialises in low- enthalpy geothermal (groundwater- sourced) heat pump system design and implementation projects.  GGS has the technical capabilities to assess the potential for heat extraction at specific sites and is committed to developing the most cost effective and efficient geothermal systems. We have in-house specialist expertise in developing combined systems to provide water supply and geothermal heat supply from a single source borehole. Where additional specialist support is required then GGS Ltd is able to call on the services of external Associates, who are recognised experts in the fields of hydrogeology and hydrochemistry. 


  • Feasibility Studies – water supply and geothermal heating/water-sourced cooling systems 
  • Exploratory Drilling – scoping, sourcing and supervision 
  • Production Borehole- design and drilling supervision 
  • Pumping Test supervision, logging and reporting 
  • Thermal Response Testing and Analysis 
  • Geothermal Heat Pump System design, testing and commissioning
  • Complex Abstraction Licence negotiation 

Contact Name: Jonathan Steven, Director/Hydrogeologist

Telephone: 01697 270025


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