NSG Environmental
Scientia House, Western Avenue, Matrix Park, Chorley, PR7 7NB
Telephone: 01772 458818

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NSG Environmental


NSG Environmental Ltd is one of the UK’s leading experts in legacy management. For over 25 years it has been delivering waste management and decommissioning solutions to the nuclear industry, utilising a combination of personnel from their three business areas; Consultancy Services, Science & Technology and Site Operations, to provide turnkey solutions to their clients.

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NSG have a wide breath of experience ranging from initial strategy development and R&D, through to hands on decommissioning, with the added benefit of an in-house radiological protection and health physics team. They provide multi-disciplinary support on projects throughout the UK, for many clients including the NDA, Sellafield, LLWR Ltd, Magnox and AWE.


Consultancy Services
The Consultancy Services division comprises a team of specialist consultants who have many years’ experience in the fields of waste management, strategy development and clean-up optimisation. The varied skill base includes graduate, postgraduate and PhD scientists whose formal qualifications are enhanced by many years' experience supporting the development and implementation of waste management strategies, combined with an in-depth knowledge of the regulatory framework. NSG’s Consultancy team provide the following services:

  • Letter of Compliance Services
  • Strategy Development
  • Decommissioning Support
  • Environmental and Waste Services

Science and Technology
NSG’s Science and Technology team delivers R&D programmes to underpin a proposed methodology or design, reducing risk and providing confidence and certainty to take forward into decommissioning operations. They have been running development programmes to support the nuclear decommissioning and waste management industry for many years and have assembled a team whose focus is to find “fit for purpose” solutions that acknowledge existing technologies, whilst pushing the boundaries of innovation. NSG has the ideal test rig and laboratory facilities for conducting these trials and provide pragmatic solutions with numerous examples of cost savings and improved delivery on LLW and ILW projects. NSG’s Science and Technology team provide the following services:

  • Development of waste test materials
  • Laboratory services
  • Test rig design and operation
  • Waste retrieval and processing technologies

Site Operations
NSG’s Site Operations team deliver safe and efficient decommissioning solutions. They provide a wide range of SQEP resource including Project Management, Assurance (including Health and Safety), Radiological Protection, Engineering and multi-skilled Decommissioning Teams including Health Physics. The team focuses on working collaboratively with their Clients and Supply Chain Partners to optimise delivery and bring cost savings throughout each stage of the decommissioning lifecycle.  NSG’s Site Operations provide the following services:

  • Installation
  • Refurbishment and asset support
  • Decommissioning
  • Plant operations
  • Radiological protection services
  • Land remediation

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Networking through the local supply chain is a priority for NSG Environmental as we continue to develop and grow our local support services. The connections and relationships built with BECBC members are invaluable in ensuring that we build the right team to respond effectively to our clients’ needs.

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Contact Name: Joshua Rimmer

Telephone: 01772 458818

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