5th Floor - O, 1 Temple Way, Bristol, BS2 0BY
Telephone: 07394 338761

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Established in 1994, SEIMAF supports industrial customers in Nuclear, Naval, Energy,Pharmaceutical,Thermal, Automotive, Aeronautics, Agribusiness, and Steel and supports them in their productivity improvement processes. With 25 years of experience in the fields of engineering and Technical Studies, SEIMAF has been able to establish itself throughout projects such as Flammanville,HPC,ITER.


Since 1994 we are present in an industry we love.  With a human size company, we are closer, present for you during all stages of your projects. 

We develop a relationship with our clients, a relationship of trust that allows us to go beyond their immediate need and participate in the improvement of the entire study process. 
To do this, we acquire a thorough knowledge of their sector, their needs and their process, we accompany and advise them: from pre-project studies to Installation,working on the latest 3D software on the market.


With Design as a core business, SEIMAF provide engineering design capabilities. Our various ways of intervention and assistance provide you results way beyond your expectations.

Carry on develop our relationship with our clients for a long-term partnership by combining proximity,quality, and competitive offers are our objectives.

Where to find us

Contact Name: Eugénie Sylva, Business Manager

Telephone: 07394 338761


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