Thomas Thor Associates
Phoenix House, Cleator Moor, Cumbria, CA25 5BD
Telephone: 01946 760728

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Thomas Thor Associates


Thomas Thor are a 100% nuclear focussed SME Recruitment Consultant. 

We provide:


Thomas Thor employ a very diverse workforce across multiple offices around the globe.

57 Employees – 35 Female/22 Male. We are 19 different nationalities speaking 23 languages, working from Cleator Moor & Bristol, Netherlands (Head office), Pori, Abu Dhabi, Paris, Toronto, Ohio & North Carolina.

Our involvement in the nuclear industry provides us with a global network of experienced professionals. We can help your organisation to grow by finding you the talent you need in a timely fashion.

Thomas Thor has a long history of providing consultants and subject matter expertise to organisations in the global nuclear industry, to governments, regulators, operators, utilities, major projects, supply chain organisations and industry associations such as the IAEA.

We cover all aspects of the nuclear industry:

  • Financing                                                                 
  • Organisational/entity structuring
  • Governance                                                               
  • Legal & Regulatory Affairs
  • Human Capacity Building                                      
  • Workforce Planning
  • Recruitment                                                             
  • Communications
  • Stakeholder Management                                       
  • Government Affairs and Public Relations
  • Project Management                                                
  • Project Controls and Scheduling
  • Procurement and Contracting                                      
  • Risk Management
  • Licensing and Regulation                                        
  • Engineering
  • Reactor Technologies                                               
  • Procurement
  • Construction                                                             
  • Insurance
  • Supply Chain                                                            
  • Public Acceptance
  • Localization                                                              
  • Training
  • Technology Transfer                                                 
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Cyber Security

We're here looking for:

Any opportunity to help your business grow or deliver projects.

Where to find us

Contact Name: Tony Cole, Head of Projects

Telephone: 01946 760728


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