World Health Innovation Summit
Unit 1, The Old Warehouse, Lore Crescent, Carlisle, Cumbria,

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World Health Innovation Summit


WHIS creates real opportunities to ​e​mpower​ communities, globally. We aim to improve people’s overall health and wellbeing, while supporting local economies. We partner with citizens and communities across the world to do this. We aim to support our communities to implement and deliver all seventeen of the Sustainable Development Goals in every country in the world. Our model has been adopted by the UNGSIIin 30 cities. WHIS values each and every person on our globe. We show our values through our actions: Trust, Transparency, Honesty, Integrity and Respect. We treat others how we would like to be treated.

Together, with the support from an ever-evolving extraordinary international team, WHIS has now become a global platform, connecting thousands of innovators and social entrepreneurs across the world who have the same ethical values and the passion to create a better world now, and for future generations. WHIS is also supported by activists, advocates and thought leaders across the globe. They too want a better world for all. Here are just some of our WHIS Ambassadors.

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We do this through our:

1.    WHIS Summits

2.    WHIS Programmes

3.    WHIS Memberships

4.    WHIS Products and Services

5.    WHIS Ethical Alliance Partnerships

6.    WHIS Memorandum of Understandings

Combined, these streams have produced astonishing outputs: 

  • WHISKIDS OUTPUTS = 2000 young people + 250 parents/staff reached so far = Improved emotional wellbeing & resilience in young people
  • Indicative Social Return on Investment*Cautious calculation= £1:  £7.50
  • OVERALL OUTPUTS: Decreased isolation and improved motivation amongst healthcare, social care and community-based professionals *LynchPinReport2018
  • Indicative Social Return on Investment*Cautious calculation = £1: £36

Contact Name: Gareth Presch, CEO


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