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Awards 2022
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Alder Hey Hospital’s Tin Man restored to former glory

The Tin Man statue, sited in front of one of the main entrances to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, has been restored to perfect condition, by Exyte Hargreaves Limited a BECBC member).

Originally constructed in 2005 for the hospital at its old site, by Exyte Hargreaves, who were then known as Senior Hargreaves, the Tin Man has weathered the years well, but was starting to show signs of wear and tear. The Tin Man has been a prominent feature at the hospital for many years and is well loved by children and their families.

Alder Hey’s Campus Development Senior Safety Officer, contacted Exyte Hargreaves to explain the Tin Man’s plight and to see if any help could be given. Package Manager for Exyte Hargreaves, Malcolm Goy made a visit to the hospital to assess the damage to the Tin Man, in order to suggest what remedial work was required.

On inspection, it was found that the right arm had sustained damage over the years as a result of it being used by children, as a swing. As the Tin Man is mounted on a concrete base, it was impossible to remove the whole statue for repair. Therefore, the damaged arm was removed and taken back to the Hargreaves factory. Closer inspection revealed that the elbow was beyond repair and so it was removed entirely and replaced by a new manufactured elbow section, itself reinforced with more substantial welding and an inner support collar. Back on-site at the hospital, the arm was refitted to the Tin Man and a brand new solid stainless steel “walking stick” installed to provide additional support to the arm in coping with the stresses of children swinging on it in the future.

Malcolm Goy comments, “When I heard about the Tin Man, it was an interesting story to hear about, having not been with Hargreaves when it was first built. It was also a source of pride to see how well he has stood the test of time. Knowing how much joy he has brought to children at Alder Hey, it was a privilege to be able to provide assistance.”