Community Foundation Ceases Active Fundraising for the Cumbria Flood Recovery Fund Appeal

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Last week the Community Foundation announced breaking through its £2m Appeal target for the Cumbria Flood Recovery Fund.

Donations are continuing to be made to the Appeal Fund and the proceeds from fundraising events collected. Today Jennings have announced that they will be giving £178,000 to the Appeal as a result of them donating 10p from the price of every pint sold.

We have made our decision knowing that people have already organised activities which will happen in the coming months and we have estimated the income from these activities in making our decision.

Andy Beeforth, Director of the Cumbria Community Foundation said “We are very confident that we can spend the money raised on people in need. We also know that the demands placed on the fund will continue for a long time. However we have decided to ask people to stop making new donations or arrange new events for the Appeal because we are in the very fortunate position to be holding sufficient funds to meet the likely demand. This is quite remarkable for a charitable appeal and our warmest thanks go out to everyone who has donated. It is very important that do not collect more money than is required for the Appeal.”

We have undertaken a thorough assessment of need and likely spend. This has been informed by our experience of running the Cumbria Flood Recovery Fund Appeal in 2005.
The economic and social impact of the Floods continues with most people still a long way from returning to their homes or for businesses to be re-opened. We expect to continue to make hardship grants for at least 18 months.

The Fund has now made grants worth nearly £800,000 including 674 awards to individuals.