Directors retiring from BECBC Board

Posted by Hazel Duhy on in Cluster News, Member News.

We are saying goodbye to three Directors over the next few months, as David Henderson, John Berry and Liz Bowe are retiring from the BECBC Board.

David Henderson (Shepley Engineers)
Dave has been a Board Director since May 2013 and has led the Socio Economic Sector Group until recently. He, along with Phil Bennett, created the award-winning BECBC Business and Schools Collaboration Project that has benefitted over 7,000 students to date. Dave has also recently been leading on a strategic review for BECBC. Dave will retire at April’s AGM.
John Berry (Sellafield Ltd)
John has been a Board Director since April 2016 and has led the BECBC PR & Comms team, which included steering BECBC through a rebrand in 2017. John will retire at April’s AGM.
Liz Bowe (PacTec EPS and SEB Management)
Liz has served on the Management Team and Board of BECBC since January 2012, but she has now decided to retire forthwith as a BECBC Director. Liz led the BECBC Nuclear Engagement Sector Group and sourced the many opportunities that we feature online. She has also helped many members to make new contacts, find opportunities and win work.
I am sure you will want to thank them for their significant voluntary contribution in helping BECBC develop into what it is today and for their tremendous support for BECBC and our members over many years. We wish them all the best for the  future and look forward to still seeing them at BECBC events.