Dr Tim Stone confirmed as special guest speaker for BECBC AGM

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Dr Tim Stone confirmed as special guest speaker for BECBC AGM

Dr Tim Stone, Chairman of the Nuclear Industry Association, has been confirmed as the special guest speaker at Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster’s (BECBC) Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 3rd April 2019. The meeting will mark the Cumbrian business cluster’s 15th anniversary, as it continues to hold its position as UK’s most mature cluster within the energy sector.

With the NIA’s 2018 Jobs Map showing that 41% of nuclear jobs are based in the North West, the region represented by BECBC’s 300-strong company membership is quickly becoming recognised as one of the UK’s most strategically important regions to be called up on for successful delivery of the Nuclear Sector Deal and latest UK Industrial Strategy. 

Appointed as Chairman of the NIA in December 2018, Dr Tim Stone said: ‘I’m delighted to attend and speak at this year's BECBC AGM. The people and businesses of Cumbria have played an integral role in the UK nuclear sector for decades.

“I believe it is the collaborative working relationships between some of the largest British companies and local SMEs in our supply chain that make our industry so special. Maintaining these existing relationships and establishing new ones will be critical to the successful implementation of the Nuclear Sector Deal.

“As Chairman of the Nuclear Industry Association, I look forward to continuing to work with BECBC to further strengthen the synergy across the industry. This will ensure UK nuclear can prosper from the sharing of ideas and best practice that this will bring.”

For BECBC’s Chairman, Ivan Baldwin, the confirmation of Tim Stone as a guest speaker is an important step in raising the profile of the rich and diverse capabilities that exist within Cumbria as the UK strives to secure its low-carbon future: “We have a lot to offer in Cumbria: we’re paving the way for innovative collaborations in nuclear, and promoting an outward-looking, sustainable approach to business that will find itself at the heart of UK industry in years to come. We are delighted that Tim will be our guest speaker this year to really reinforce that message across the national and international nuclear industry. 

For Cumbria, the Nuclear Sector Deal means much more than just ‘Place’- Cumbria has the ‘People’ to contribute to a highly-skilled  UK workforce, and the ‘Ideas’ to drive forward the innovations that are demanded by today’s industry.”

UPDATE: Henri Murison, Director of Northern Powerhouse Partnership, has also now been announced as a BECBCA GM 2019 speaker.