Expert Finance Working Group Report

Posted by Hazel Duhy on in Sector Group News, Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste (including Storage), Construction, Manufacturing and Nuclear New Build, UK News.

Commenting on today’s announcement from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), Ivan Baldwin of NNL and Chair of Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster (BECBC) said:  “The government’s Nuclear Sector Deal has already been having an impact on important discussions in the civil nuclear sector and BECBC welcomes today’s report published by the Expert Finance Working Group on the Future Potential for Small Nuclear Technologies. Cumbria, as a global Centre of Nuclear Excellence and home to the world's first civil nuclear power station, will once again be at the forefront of nuclear innovation.

Alongside large scale nuclear generation and world class waste management and decommissioning, our member companies will be key players for small modular technologies; from advanced manufacturing, testing and siting of first of a kind reactors through to production for global export markets.  Developments in this area offer great opportunities for exports as well as closer to home.

Cumbria also has one of a kind research and development facilities and plenty of leading experts in reactor, fuels and waste technologies and BECBC and its members look forward to building collaborations with partners across the UK and beyond to deliver on these exciting programmes.

As Peter Haslam, Head of Policy, at the Nuclear Industry Association (NIA), has said today: “Not only could small reactors bring value for money to the consumer, they also have the potential to create a lucrative export market, with a major benefit for British engineering companies and the wider supply chain.”"

Read the report here