Moorside Update

Posted by Hazel Duhy on in Sector Group News, Construction, Manufacturing and Nuclear New Build, Worldwide News, UK News, Cluster News, Member News.

Obviously, BECBC is hugely supportive of a new nuclear power station at Moorside and we know that our member companies and communities will welcome new overseas investors, developers and future operators. Like them, we’re enthusiastic about being part of the low carbon future and a thriving industry sector.

We hope that today’s announcement is the beginning of a process that will result in a clear deal and timeline. If so, it will boost momentum on the new build project, clarify the future funding for this development and, in the coming months, we look forward to a clarification of the technology and reactors to be used for power generation at Moorside.

Cumbria is the birthplace of civil nuclear power and a global centre of nuclear excellence that has developed around Sellafield.  Our member companies include highly qualified and experienced nuclear suppliers (engineers, manufacturers, scientists, project management specialists, innovators) as well as key facilities such as the Dalton Nuclear Institute and National Nuclear Laboratory so the local supply chain for any new development is already strong.

All in all, we’re well placed to do a great job in supporting NuGeneration and its investors in creating a new nuclear power station here in Cumbria.