Myth busters - why you should enter the BECBC Business Awards 2018!

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Myth busters - why you should enter the BECBC Business Awards 2018!

The BECBC Business Awards entry deadline has been extended to 5.00pm on Friday 15 June 2018.

We often hear companies say "we would enter, but... ", so below are some common myth busters about our Awards.

We hope this encourages you to give it a go and submit an entry for 2018!


Awards Myth Buster No 1 – Only big companies win…

FALSE! Large Business of the Year winners have included:

  • REACT Engineering (2014) & WestlakesEngineering (2016)  
  • Livingstone Surface Treatments (2014) won Socio Economic Award
  • RovtechSolutions (2016) won Business Innovation Award
  • Lakes College (2012) won Sustainability and the Environment Award


Awards Myth Buster No 2 – It’s all about the nuclear supply chain…


  • SME of the Year winner 2017: GrisdalesEstate Agents
  • Inspiring People winners: Centre for Leadership Performance (2014) & Energus(2017)
  • Indelible Data and QG Management Standards (2014) collaborated to win the Business Innovation Award


Awards Myth Buster No 3 – We’ve already won once, no point entering again…

FALSE! Some companies have won on more than one occasion:

  • Safety Critical (2012 and 2014)    
  • Nuvia(2014 and 2016)
  • Prima Uno (2016 and 2017)

Some companies won twice in the same year: 

  • Safety Critical and Tata Steel Projects (2012) 
  • Kaefer (2017)


Awards Myth Buster No 4 – Same Awards each year, nothing for me…

FALSE! Every year we change at least two categories. New Awards for 2018 are:  

  •  Innovation and Creativity
  •   Collaboration
  •   Rising Star

Why not suggest a category for next time?



Awards Myth Buster No 5 – All a bit self-congratulatory, it will make no difference to my business…

FALSE! Have you heard past winners comments on the new BECBC promo film
Brian Lightowler(QG Management Standards) and Rachel Ritson of  Grisdales Estate Agents saw real benefits after winning… and so did Prima Uno!


Awards Myth Buster No 6 – The same companies enter every year…

FALSE! Well, alright, some do! But…

  • 50% of entries were by first time entrants in 2017
  • 3 Awards were WON by first time entrants in 2017


Awards Myth Buster No 7 – Same companies win every year…

FALSE! Yes, OK, some do! See all 25 of our winners (and their films) from 2012 onwards on our Awards page


Awards Myth Buster No 8 – Is the judging fair and does everyone really have the same chance to win…


  • 1 Head Judge (John Grainger) 
  • 3 Shortlist Judges

followed by:

  • Final Judging with different, independent panels of 3 or 4 judges for each Award… with judging visits to shortlisted businesses too


Awards Myth Buster No 9 – Only the winners get real benefits…


  • ALL shortlisted companies are given promotion up to the night… and mentioned after it too
  • ALL shortlisted films since 2012 are online … still!
  • Many shortlisted companies promote their runners-up logos on their emails and websites too!


Awards Myth Buster No 10 – I won’t win…


You have to enter to win… so why not give it a go in 2018!


Click here for an Awards Entry Pack

Some sponsorship opportunities still available too