NuGen proposes Moorside Site to be ‘carried forward’ into new National Policy Statement

Posted by Hazel Duhy on in Sector Group News, Construction, Manufacturing and Nuclear New Build, Worldwide News, UK News, Member News.

NuGen (a BECBC member), the new nuclear developer has responded to the Government, providing information to support the Moorside Site being carried forward as a site for a new nuclear power station following an assessment process.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has asked all new nuclear developers to undertake this step, in order that the sites listed in the current National Policy Statements for Nuclear can be carried forward into new national policy statement, which will define Government policy for development of new sources of energy from 2026 to 2035.

The submission of information has proceeded for NuGen, which announced recently that it is conducting a review and restructure of its future size and shape.

NuGen’s CEO Tom Samson commented: “NuGen remains committed to delivering a nuclear power station at Moorside in Cumbria.

“Support for the policy process to carry forward the Moorside Site is another opportunity for the community of west Cumbria to re-state its desire to host this critical national infrastructure and bring a transformational stimulus to the local economy, including jobs and prosperity for thousands of people throughout the county.”

Through the nuclear sector deal, the Government has re-stated its long-standing commitment to develop new nuclear power; a vital part in the UK’s energy mix,providing reliable, low-carbon and secure baseload electricity. The renewal of the National Policy Statements is a policy process that will enable an important part of the planning process, which is necessary for new nuclear developers such as NuGen to bring forward their plans.

The site, originally nominated through the Government’s strategic sitingassessment in 2008 has had its boundary aligned to reflect the boundary consulted on at the second stage of public consultation, in summer 2016.

Tom Samson thanked the west Cumbrian community for its ongoing support:“NuGen has conducted two stages of public consultation about its plans and thousands of Cumbrians have come forward to have their say. I’m happy to report that there is real, sustained support in the community for NuGen’s plans and we’recommitted to continuing to work with the community.

“The local authority in Copeland has been a good critical friend - supportive of the Project, but resolute in their ambition for Moorside to benefit all and for NuGen to deliver it in the right way for west Cumbria. At its AGM in May, Copeland Borough Council voted to maintain its support for the Moorside Site and we are grateful for that, particularly at the moment, as NuGen and its shareholder Toshiba continueto work hard to bring new investment into the Project.”