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BECBC Networking group

BECBC Membership 2021

Message from Ivan Baldwin, BECBC Chair:

"2020 has been a really difficult year, one which has had an uneven impact on BECBC’s members, we really value how you all have engaged and looked out for your fellow members.

From the beginning of the pandemic, we adapted our offering and maintained investment in delivering events and programmes focused on the near term needs of businesses, whilst not forgetting about the longer-term and working with partners across the county and beyond to position for exciting inward investment opportunities.

As we face into the new year, we have cause for optimism as the UK and other countries begin COVID-19 vaccinations, however, it will be a year of uncertainty and so we will be maintain our additional focus on a high quality virtual programme in the beginning of the year, whilst beginning to plan for an innovative roll out of in person and blended events as we move into the new normal in 2021. In recognition of this, BECBC will not apply an annual inflationary membership price increase and will hold prices at 2020 rates."

Membership renewals will be due in January 2021 and will be:

For an SME company:
• Less than £100k turnover – £125 per year
• £100k to £500k turnover – £250 per year
• £500k to £1.5m turnover – £440 per year
• £1.5m to £3m turnover – £630 per year
• £3m to £20m turnover – £950 per year
• £20m to £46.8m turnover – £1,196 per year
For a non-SME company:
• Over £46.8m turnover and more than 250 employees – £1,440 per year

Despite COVID-19 we have still been here to support members and organised up to 4 online events each week to keep you all engaged, supported and networking.

We feel sure that this is still great value for money with members benefitting from:

  • weekly online e-Events (which will return to include physical meetings, when it is safe to do so)
  • free training workshops throughout the year
  • 4 specialist BECBC Sector Groups, that also run meetings and events, including:
    Business Support Group
    Net Zero Group
    Nuclear Group
    Social Value Delivery Group, including BECBC Business and Schools Collaboration Project (BSCP)
  • signposting to tenders and opportunities- special annual events (ie BECBC Business Awards)
  • promotion opportunities online and through social media groups
  • networking across many sectors, from multinationals and Tier 2s to sole traders
  • engagement with important stakeholders worldwide

We look forward to supporting you in 2021.