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BECBC welcomes SMR funding announcement

The announcement of a funding package for a Rolls-Royce consortium to take Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) to the next stage of development has been welcomed by Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster (BECBC).

Dianne Richardson, Chief Executive said “There are many reasons to welcome this announcement. As we watch proceedings at COP26 nuclear power is still the best option we have available to provide a baseload of the clean energy we need as a society and SMR’s, with their use of existing technology and modular build, could be delivered quicker than traditional nuclear plants thereby bridging the gap until these are delivered.”

“As a membership organisation we welcome it on behalf of members who form an experienced, capable and collaborative supply chain to the nuclear sector. While siting of the reactors is of interest even more important are the factories which could bring prosperity and long-term employment. Wherever these are based our members stand ready to support their development but there is no doubt positioning them in Cumbria would support the Government’s levelling up agenda while accessing a proven nuclear supply chain.”

“In addition the Rolls Royce consortium were the first organisation to sign up to the Invest in Cumbria Alliance charter, committing to work to principles which maximise social value from investment and work with the community in meaningful partnership.”

The Invest in Cumbria Alliance exists to help commercial investors and developers place meaningful, sustainable Social Value proposals at the heart of their investment plans for Cumbria. The charter was signed by Tom Sansom, on behalf of Rolls Royce on 17th September at Carlisle Youth Zone. The document describes the collective rights and responsibilities of both the community and the potential investor providing clarity for a long-term relationship to deliver both a commercial profit and the social value identified by the community.