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Awards 2022

BECBC welcomes the formation of a working group in Copeland to explore future transformational environmental protection site for disposal of higher activity waste

John Grainger, Executive Director of Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster (BECBC) welcomes the news that RWM have formed a working group in Copeland to explore the likelihood of a future transformational environmental protection site to develop the UK’s capability to dispose of higher activity waste as part of a nationwide process.

He said this morning: “It is paramount to acknowledge that this process will take several years, and that citizen engagement will be an important component of any future decision making, with the right of withdrawal at any time. Any such investment would create many hundreds of jobs over a long period of time in a host community. In addition, there is a very real opportunity for substantial commercial contracts for a localised supply chain which BECBC member companies would be well placed to benefit from, and which would help to sustain the economy for decades to come. As the principal supply chain member organisation in West Cumbria we look forward to being part of the discussions at an appropriate time.”

Read full Copeland GDF Working Group news release here