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CCF Bright Stars

Bright Stars 4th May 2021 - Calling all Charities, Third Sector, Non Profits and Micro Businesses to get involved in helping local primary school children lead a Champaign!!

CfLP have an exciting programme that is run in local Primary schools across the County called Bright Stars. An exciting 8-week mini competition designed to introduce children to leadership, entrepreneurship and the world of business from a young age whilst building confidence and self-belief in children as they showcase hidden talents along the way.

Could you be involved and offer support for the next project?

Sarah Glass has supplied further information:

Bright Stars has been running for 8 years and is a great way for businesses and schools to forge ongoing links and help organisations develop their own staff in the process. This year the scheme moves from making a profit to making a difference, children with support from their business mentors will have 8 weeks to lead a digital campaign on an issue that matters most to them or something they want to make better!

FREE to take part.

The Centre for Leadership Performance (CfLP) has been awarded additional funding from the Cumbria Community Foundation (CCF) this year to enable more schools to take part and to involve more charities, third sector organisations and micro businesses who may typically find funding a barrier to engagement with the programme (Typically the scheme is funded by the businesses taking part) We already have 30 businesses and schools signed up ready to take part in this innovative exciting programme that is due to start on 4 May.

Typical commitment

We would love for your organisation to take part and support the children in developing their campaign ideas – it would also be great for them to understand how you run your fundraising campaigns and perhaps get behind a campaign that looks at fundraising in lockdown for example, however this really is about empowering young people to lead change and make a difference in their local communities. Over the 8 weeks students will be supported by their mentors – typical commitment would be an hour a week over zoom or Microsoft Teams supporting them to develop their campaign plans, bringing in others who can support with marketing, finance and where possible approaching it like a mini business, so this is a great way to bring in your wider networks and people within your organisation to support along the way. We have a range of lesson plans and resources for you to use if need be along the way so no experience of previous school engagement is necessary.

Why should you take part?

Age UK West Cumbria has been involved with Bright Stars since 2019; Chief Executive Jane Mindar has found it to be a hugely valuable experience, and talks about the programme in a video for the CfLP: click here

Jane explains: “It really links incredibly well into charities. This year’s theme of making a difference in the community embodies what we do. We were able to give the children tangible examples of what we do out in the community, because we’re virtually invisible unless you are on the receiving end. Hopefully, it will inspire them to do really useful and rewarding community work.

“I think it's really interesting to open up the eyes of children at quite a young age to different ideas and to look at different sources of careers and less traditional sort of employment. Charities are quite an intangible kind of entity; people don't realize what they do locally and they also don't understand how complex the business as a charity because we have our charitable aims but we've got to generate income in order to provide services which are predominantly free.

“I think it's really important to let younger people understand the important role of charities in society, particularly at this point in time during the pandemic where we're being asked to do more for impoverished people who are really suffering because of the current crisis.”

How will Bright Stars 2021 work?

We have attached a copy of the Bright Stars presentation that explains how the Bright Stars programme will work this year, including the key dates, but in summary:

Bright Stars 2021 starts on Tuesday May 4th with a finishing date of Monday 28th June. A celebration event to recognise the achievements of the children will be held early July before the end of the Summer Term.

Bright Stars 2021 will look slightly different to last year with the focus of the objectives of the programme changing from making a profit – to making a difference. Pupils will compete to win cash awards for their schools and will have fun along the way. Local businesses will work with the children to develop campaigns and ideas about how they can make an impact on something that matters to them.

But don’t take our word for it. Have a look at our website to watch some other short films from schools and businesses who took part in last years programme: click here

“Bright is a fantastic competition to get involved with. If you would like to give your children the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills from a young age and learn first hand what it is like to grow a business then join the fun.” Michael Craig, Head at St James' C of E Infant and Nursery School


If this is something that may be of interest, please do not hesitate to contact me or call but also we will be holding a Bright Stars partner meeting on Tuesday 2 or Wednesday 3 March at 11:00 to 12:00 so that you can find out all about the Bright Stars programme and why your organisation should take part. There is no obligation to support the programme at this stage. Please do let us know if you would like to attend.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


CCF Bright Stars presentation 2021 FINAL
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