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Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster expands offering and support to help member businesses into

Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster (BECBC) has expanded its offering and support to help its member organisations through COVID-19 and into recovery.

BECBC has sensitively handled the COVID-19 pandemic and the effect it has had on the cluster’s members. The membership organisation has increased its offering through additional online events and the delivery of timely business and personal development workshops. In addition, both Board members and Shadow Board members took time out to call individual business leaders to talk about the issues they were facing and to find out what kind of help they would need. This early engagement has informed BECBC’s offering as well as its ongoing conversations with decision-makers in the region.

“From the get-go we have actually increased our member contact via a number of e- events utilising the Zoom platform. This has been very well received as we provided a mixture of events with professionals sharing their expertise and experience on a pro bono basis. We continue to do this and offer appropriate topic areas, provide space for members to share their own experience through online meetings and social chat sessions. This has allowed us also to cater for lone workers, helping these not to become ‘lonely workers’. This fits well into our ethos of ‘Nobody Left Behind’, something that we are determined to promote and sustain as we move towards a more general return to work within the new normal regime.”, says John Grainger, Executive Director, BECBC.

Members of the cluster have reacted very positively to the additional offering and support. “I have found BECBC response to the COVID-19 crisis to be really valuable for my business. The support that has been offered for cluster members and the range of events offered to include members has been really valuable during a difficult time”, Joanne Chambers, Lakeland Capabilities Ltd.

BECBC continues to work collaboratively with councils, business organisations and representatives from all sectors in Cumbria to ensure that the views of its members and their experiences are shared and elevated as much as possible to decision makers
in Government.

“It is important that this collegiate response, led by Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership, focusses on not just the lives of people in our community, which of course is paramount, but also the effect on their livelihoods as we progress out of this the COVID-19 pandemic. Meeting twice a week, this group has representatives from Government Departments on the call and is best placed therefore to make sure that the requests and demands in support of our members are accelerated to the upper echelons at the earliest opportunity.”, John Grainger.