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Cavendish Nuclear proud to support 2020 Women in Nuclear (WiN) UK Annual Conference

Press release from BECBC member Cavendish Nuclear:

The annual WiN UK Conference gets underway on 29 January in London. Cavendish Nuclear is proud to be silver sponsors of this highly anticipated event that further endorses our commitment to develop a diverse workforce that will inspire more women to embark on a career in engineering.

We are extremely proud that the conference will mark the point at which Cavendish Nuclear’s Lynsey Valentine, Strategy Director and Janet Fletcher, Head of Products & Services) will formerly take up their roles of President and Vice President of WIN UK. These appointments demonstrate Cavendish Nuclear’s continued commitmentto drive and lead change from the top to maintain an inclusive workforce culture.

The theme of this year’s event is to ‘sweat the small stuff’ encouraging us all to think about the small, everyday things we do as individuals that can positively impact theinclusivity that exists within our organisations. The conference will also further embed theNuclear Sector Gender Roadmap and the commitment pledge that sees employers,companies and individuals pledging their support to the Nuclear Sector Deal commitment target of a 40% female workforce by 2030.

At Cavendish Nuclear we are passionate about developing a diverse workforce and we are committed to inspiring more women to embark on a career in engineering. Between 2016 and 2017 alone, the number of women we recruited increased by a fantastic 183%. Today 20% of our workforce is female and we have plans this year to increase this to 35% by 2025. We currently have a 29% female representation on our Board of Directors, well above our industry average.

Lynsey Valentine, Cavendish Nuclear Strategy Director said: “Diverse teams generatebetter ideas, better decisionmaking and better business outcomes. I am passionate about being part of the team that supports this andachieves the government target of 40% of women in the nuclear sector by 2030.”

Paul Smith, Managing Director, Nuclear Services said: “Having a daughter myself, I firmly believe that she should be able to choose a career with no pre-conceived ideas of gender bias whatsoever. Our industry should be open and welcoming to all, it is this team culture that will ultimately deliver better solutions, quicker and more efficiently which is at the very core of the Nuclear Sector Deal”.