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Awards 2022


Cavendish Nuclear (a BECBC member) is excited to announce that it is taking a lead role in working with Primary Engineer and Warrington Borough Council to deliver the ‘Primary Engineer Programme’ to 30 primary schools in the Warrington area over the next two years.

The Primary Engineer programme provides an engineering curriculum that spans Early Years, Primary, Secondary, through to Further Education. It aims to introduce engineering into the classroom and inspire children from an early age to enable them to consider STEM in future study and as a potential career. The programme delivers teacher training to facilitate classroom practical learning at a grass roots level with the aim of inspiring the next generation of engineers as well as addressing the current diversity imbalance in science and engineering as a whole.

By investing significantly in this programme, Cavendish Nuclear is enabling the roll out of a STEM-based activity over the next two years to 30 primary schools and approximately 1500 children in the Warrington area with the support of Warrington Borough Council. This will include providing the resources and training required allowing teachers to deliver the activity in their schools. This investment reflects Cavendish Nuclear’s commitment to raising the profile of STEM careers and to developing the next generation of nuclear engineers.

The official launch event took place on Thursday 7th November in Warrington where representatives from the first 17 of the 30
local schools selected came together to kick
off the programme. Engineers from

Cavendish Nuclear and Primary Engineer led the day providing an overview of the programme. The main aim was to drive home the message that this programme is to develop a consistent future talent pipeline to provide the skilled workforce of the future that will meet the recruitment needs of industry working in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Once trained, the hope is that the teachers will continue the learning in the classroom year on year as STEM becomes a part of the national curriculum of the future.

Fran Worthington, Cavendish Nuclear’s Sellafield Business Director said; “I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to work in the nuclear industry for the past 30 years. Our industry is heavily reliant on the quality and diligence of its personnel. I am therefore very proud to support the Primary Engineer Programme, using the enthusiasm and passion that we have in Cavendish Nuclear to help inspire challenging and rewarding future careers in STEM based industries.”

Following the success of the launch, the next steps are to hold practical training days where teachers and engineers will be taken through the "Structures and Mechanisms with Basic Electrics" course, which affords teachers the knowledge and resources to deliver the programme in their classroom supported by a visiting engineer.

During the summer term, a celebration event will take place whereby children from key stage 1 and key stage 2 teams from all 17 participating schools will present their project journey to invited judges and will compete against the other schools in their key stage for a range of prizes across a number of themes.

Liam Weatherill, Regional Director at Primary Engineer (North) said; “We are delighted to be working with Cavendish Nuclear and Warrington Council to engage Primary schools in Warrington to engineering and the wider STEM subjects through the Primary Engineer teacher training programme. We believe that it is vitally important for teachers to have a further understanding of the industry around them and for children in Warrington Primary schools to think like an engineer”.