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Awards 2022
CNSL Ro SPA Gold winner 2020

CNSL awarded a RoSPA H&S Gold Award

It was announced earlier that CNSL has received a RoSPA Gold and Safety Award. This is CNSL's first RoSPA award and for it to be a gold award is a testament to our ongoing commitment to raising health and safety standards and to be a part of the most highly respected occupational safety awards programme.

Jack Tomlinson – CNSL HSE Lead said: “Health and safety goes to the heart of the way our business is run and shows an ambitious approach to reducing accidents and safeguarding health that speaks volumes about our organisation. It’s testament to CNSL that simply by displaying what safe practices we achieved in 2019/2020 we were able to win a Gold award, a strong symbol to remind us all that our primary purpose is to put people to work safely in the nuclear industry. "

Each of the CNSL partners has collaborated strongly around Health and Safety Management and this has allowed us collectively to showcase real Health and Safety Innovation in the nuclear arena.”

CNSL is a collaboration between JFN, REACT Engineering Ltd, Shepley Engineers Ltd, Jacobs Stobbarts Ltd, Westinghouse Electric Company and WYG Engineering Ltd (all BECBC members).