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Copeland Shop Local Campaign

Back in July Copeland Borough Council launched ‘Shop Local: Keep it in Copeland’ campaign to highlight and promote the wealth of excellent local businesses our towns and villages have to offer.

As part of the campaign, they have:

  • Accessed funding for an extensive media campaign that will run until February 2021 to promote Copeland’s independent businesses to a wide audience
  • Introduced their new dedicated Business Development Officer Jenny Brumby to work with businesses directly on their offer, including support for their marketing and website/social media
    (Jenny is speaking at the BECBC Social Value Delivery e-Group on 8 December 2020)
  • Produced a ‘Shop Local: Keep it in Copeland’ sticker that will be distributed to retailers for display in their window or door; and is available digitally for use on businesses’ websites and social media
  • Published an online directory of the borough’s retailers, including contact details and website/social media pages
  • Visited over 500 businesses in Copeland to offer business support
  • Have a dedicated Facebook page to share information
  • Work in partnership with 3 tier Council’s, businesses and residents of Copeland
  • Create a campaign to support young entrepreneurs and grow our own economy

"As we continue with our recovery from Covid-19, it is vitally important – now more than ever – that we support our local businesses. Whatever you’re looking to purchase, before going online, please ask yourself if you could buy it from your local shop first.

The campaign it’s not just about retail. We are using the campaign to support and promote all Copeland’s businesses – pubs and eateries; salons and barbers; estate agents; travel agents; garages; tradespeople; we’re here for everyone. encouraging businesses to use the campaign to actively promote themselves, and customers to support our businesses by sharing details of the great service they’ve had locally.

We’ll be more than happy to share your positive stories with the media and on our social media pages."

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