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COVID-19 Supply Chain Update from Emma-Jayne Gooch

BECBC has an open line of communication to our colleagues at Sellafield Ltd through the Head of Supply Chain Development and Innovation, Emma-Jayne Gooch. We will publish any updated information from this Department as soon as possible so that members are kept appraised of this ever changing situation. We are really appreciative of all the efforts that Sellafield Ltd are making on behalf of those members operating in the Supply Chain.

Below is the first such communication, which Emma-Jayne emailed out to the supply chain earlier today.


Subject: COVID-19 Supply Chain


We would like to assure our supply chain at all tiers that we are considering the impact on you in the decisions we are making regarding COVID-19. With that said we do have to follow Government advice to ensure the safety of all those working at Sellafield Ltd.

We class our finance team as critical staff, so during this time we will continue to pay our invoices promptly and we urge our Tier 2 suppliers to do the same.

We will also ensure that procurement teams are retained for critical purchases.

It is likely, as government start to enforce social distancing measures, that the work flowing from Sellafield will lessen and we do understand this will have an impact on many businesses.

We would like to point our SME community to:

Here you will find advice for small businesses and financial support available through the Government.

For members of BECBC a new COVID-19 support link up service has been launched:

We will continue to update you as new information becomes available. In the meantime if you are a current supplier and you are concerned about your business health please email:

In these difficult times remember to look after yourself and others.

Stay safe and be kind

Emma-Jayne Gooch

Head of Supply Chain Development & Innovation