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Cumbrian business consortium announce commitment to their communities as they launch new initiative ‘Resolve’

A COMMITMENT to their communities was made by four West Cumbrian businesses at the launch of their joint venture to offer end-to-end engineering services.

Resolve Engineered Solutions is a collaboration of the expertise of Forth, React Engineering, PAR Systems and Cumbria Operations and Maintenance Service Ltd (COMS), marking a significant step change in how the nuclear industry can access high value capabilities.

The companies recognise that the communities they work and live in have got them to where they are today and they are ensuring, from day one, that these communities benefit from their combined successes.

The four founding companies of Resolve Engineered Solutions are each recognised for their high-quality offerings and unique strengths. Through this collaboration, they are poised to provide a holistic and efficient approach to tackling complex engineering challenges.

At the launch event on Thursday evening, those behind Resolve announced they would be supporting Whitehaven Rugby League team by sponsoring a sleeve, taking pupils from Frizington and Cleator Moor to Oxford next year and working closely with the Goodlives project in Whitehaven.

Mark Telford, Managing Director at Forth, said: “If Resolve works the way we hope it will, we want the money we bring in to stay here, the work to stay here in Cumbria, and the benefit to be felt by Cumbrians. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of our communities and workforce and as a collective we are determined to give something back.”

Resolve Engineered Solutions is set to make a distinctive impact for several reasons:

  • The joint venture brings together React Engineering, the strategic project planner; Forth, the innovative engineering powerhouse; PAR Systems, the mechanical handling experts with a global reputation; and COMS, the pre-operations, commissioning, and integration specialist. This combination of skills enables Resolve to deliver end-to-end solutions.

  • Resolve's formation signifies a holistic approach to engineering challenges. By synergising the expertise of these four companies, clients can benefit from a streamlined and cohesive solution that addresses every aspect of a project.

  • The very essence of the name, ‘Resolve’, underscores the commitment to surmounting industry challenges.

Kayleigh Daniels from React Engineering said the time was right to form Resolve as the landscape for SME’s constantly changes and evolves and they have to adapt to the challenges of the sector.

She added: “By bringing together our unique capabilities and offering this complete package we will make it harder for people to compete against us. We are all based in Cumbria, local to the Sellafield site and the benefits flow down to the community.”

John McGibbon, Managing Director at PAR Systems, set out to the guests how the companies had already been working on a number of decommissioning projects together in recent years, but now they’ll be able to bid for work as the largest tier three company with a combined 200+ employees.

Cliff Woodman, Business Director, COMS said: “Coming together will also mean that we can access sectors that the other companies work in. It’ll give us all the chance to grow, and try something new too as well as offering the full package to clients.”

The founding companies' extensive experience and track record underscore the potential of Resolve Engineered Solutions. Clients, including those in complex industries like nuclear, can anticipate an unparalleled level of service that integrates all elements of project delivery.


Editor’s notes

Forth - Forth engineering leads the development and production of bespoke engineering solutions for a diverse range of industries.

For over 20 years, Forth has been combining its engineering expertise with innovative technologies to deliver solutions to a wide range of industries, all with the focus of removing people from hazardous and potentially life-threatening environments.

Forth prides itself on its ability to solve technical problems from any industry, welcoming problem statements from any business or organisation. The diverse range of capabilities within the company allows it to offer services in Nuclear, Oil and Gas, Renewables, Deep Recovery, and Inspection.

React Engineering - For 30 years React Engineering has been delivering high value interventions to solve client problems related to project management, engineering or technical issues. React provides leadership and management of complex and challenging projects, alongside enabling and delivering the right technological or analytical solutions for a range of clients.

PAR Systems-

PAR Systems Ltd is a Cumbrian based SME which has been providing specialist services to the nuclear industry since 2010. Over the years, PAR has grown its capabilities to cover a full range of nuclear site equipment, having developed a fully integrated design and testing capability which brings a rounded service to its customers. PAR specialises in the design, build, installation, and lifetime support of nuclear site remote/material handling systems such as cranes, robots, manipulators and MSM’s

PAR Systems’ ability and willingness to provide maintenance to equipment in radiological environments sets it apart from many other companies and helps to deliver lifetime support to its customers.

COMS - Cumbria O&M Services, COMS, is a leading UK provider of Operational, Maintenance and Engineering Services to the nuclear sector and regulated industries nationwide. COMS has been delivering operational and maintenance support to the nuclear industry since 2014, assisting its clients to implement new builds, extend the life of their assets and efficiently manage decommissioning projects all the way through to operations and handover.

COMS provide support across all asset lifecycle stages, specialising in pre-operations, commissioning, handover and aftercare on projects along with operations, maintenance, system engineering & asset management services on operational plant.


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