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Awards 2022

DIT: Introduction to Japan - call for SME input

The recent UK-Japan free trade agreement (or the "CEPA") contains a dedicated chapter on SMEs and agreement to strengthen co-operation to support SME trade and investment.

As part of this, DIT are kicking off a project to try to further support UK SMEs to access the nuclear market in Japan.

As the first step, DIT would like to hear from you – SMEs that have already done business in Japan or SMEs that would like to – to understand what you have found to be the biggest challenges and blockers, and what tactics you have found to be successful here.

After that DIT will develop a plan for the onward project in consultation with you, with an overall aim to grow the number and value of UK SME business in the Japanese nuclear market.

If you are an SME and would like to be involved, please contact Tom Cross, Nuclear Counsellor for DIT in Tokyo with your initial thoughts or he can set up an initial discussion with you.