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Awards 2022

Energy Coast UTC: Can you help deliver a Virtual Work Experience?

Week beginning 29 March 2021.

Or are you interested in supporting us going forward?

Energy Coast UTC pride itself on giving students real experience of working within business. The pandemic is making business interaction tricky and whatever your company, whatever your size if you are based in West Cumbria we need your help.

Here are the really quick, easy and free (yes it really is) ways in which you can help the UTC and their students.

  • Deliver a week’s virtual work experience
  • Offer a day, ½ day, lesson, half a lesson length of project which could be pre-recorded, live or just simply set for the students to complete. – This really could be anything from an engineering project to a marketing campaign from a multinational or a sole trader.

A careers introduction ie. I do this job and this is how I have got to where I am – the students could then research this. – Maybe you have some early career employees in your business that could inspire the younger generation.

If you feel you could help please contact